What is a Car Dash Camera?

Dash Cams


During the onset of rapid automobile modernization, our cars have become more sleek and stylish. This development has led to the upgrading of car features which can be seen particularly in the dashboard where you can purchase accessories or add-on items that will make your driving experience more comfortable, safe and secure.

Among the accessories that can be placed in the dashboard, or the space fronting the driver for that matter, are dash cameras. Technically, a car dash camera is defined as an onboard video recording system which continuously records a car’s frontal view, with example footage of a typical device at the best dash cam uk website.

But why do you need to record the frontal view of your car or your driving per se? There have been lots of road accidents with little or no information has been recovered to prove what really went wrong. Aside from Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and other video surveillance equipment installed in streets and major roads, a car dash camera can be quite effective in recording the scene of the accident especially during moments before the mishap which could pretty much describe what really happened. With this, it has become a vital piece of equipment where evidence can be drawn out especially if someone is claiming for an insurance. On top of this and even if your car is not running, car dash cameras are also effective in documenting violence, police corruption and other fraud practices.

Apart from its primary use as a supplemental proof in case of an accident, video recordings of a car dash camera have become an online sensation. Thousands of video footages from a car dash camera have been uploaded on social media sites showing close call scenes and tragic events. Some have even used the video recordings for an attempt in an insurance fraud.

Similar to CCTV cameras, car dash cameras are quite small and compact. They are usually mounted in the interior windshield through a suction cup or an adhesive tape. Some dash cam units can be installed to provide both front and back view while some models can provide you with a cabin view just like in the case of public vehicles and taxis.

Regardless of type, brand or model, what you should look for a car dash camera should have at least this basic features. First, it has to be independent from other accessories and requires minimum attention to allow the driver to focus on its driving. It should be operated hands-free and can be started or stopped using sensors or embedded with the ignition key. It should have a high resolution, faster frame rate and a high focus and aperture which is deemed important especially when focusing small objects like a license plate. Easy management and high memory capacity is also a vital feature where new models uses external memory like an SD card. Internal battery is a relative feature in cases of a drained car battery. Dash cam recording should not be limited only to daylight, so a built-in infrared LED light can be a good choice.

There is no doubt that car dash cameras are very useful that a lot of car owners have already mounted one in their car. But just in case you haven’t and still planning to buy, we suggest to consult first your dealer and ask if there are any restrictions as some countries do on its usage.