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What is Volleyball? Things You Need to Know

Considered as a team sport, volleyball is being played by two teams composed of six players. Here are the volleyball court dimensions: The court is divided into half by a net where each team can get a point by landing a ball on the opponent’s court. The ball of this Olympic sport has a spherical shape that is made up of leather having a circumference of 65 to 67 cm and a weight not exceeding 280 grams. Since the ball is inflated by air, it should have an internal pressure of 0.3 kg/cm2 as prescribed by FIVB rules.


The ball is usually played with the hands or arms. But recent modification on the rules of the game now allows a player to strike or push the ball using any part of the body including the legs and feet. Skills and techniques have evolved in this sport where spiking and blocking has become a complex and strategic process while passing and setting has always been the basics of this sport.

Each play starts with a serve from a player of the team at the back-end line of the court. The serving player makes sure that the ball passes over the net and onto the receiving team’s court. The receiving team only has a maximum of 3 contacts where they need to place back the ball to its opponent’s court. In a typical game, the first 2 touches are used to set-up for an attack or known as the spike where the opponent prepares for a block or defense while preventing the ball to touch the ground. A rally occurs when the ball comes in and back to an opponent’s court where this can last up to several seconds or minutes.

A rally continues until a team makes a direct hit called as the kill, landing the ball in the opponent’s court or a team commits a violation and loses the rally. The team that wins the rally is awarded with a point and gain ball possession and a chance to follow-up for a service ace.

Other violations that are common in the game are touching the ball on the ground, landing the ball outside the opponent’s court, catching or throwing the ball, two consecutive touch by a single player, touching of the net, crossing or stepping on the line while serving or blocking and making four touches on the ball while it is in your court.

These violation awards a point to your opponent where each point is highly valuable especially if the game being played is within an international tournament.

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