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UK Baby Monitor Best Buys

Baby monitors are an essential part of parenting these days so it seems. But with so many different models out there on the uk market with conflicting reviews, how do you separate the good models from the bad? Well luckily for you we can advise you on which monitor you should be looking for.

As parents we all know what it’s like having a child cry all throughout the night, and will be extremely tired yourself all throughout the night. It may sound all fine from your child’s room, but ultimately you want that peace of mind that everything is ok with your little one’s sleeping.

There are different types of monitors on the market such as audio or video, both have their own pros and cons. An audio monitor obviously will just simply record what is heard from your child’s room, and a video baby monitor will be able to send a live image of your toddler when sleeping.

Before purchasing one, check out our recommended go-to guide some of the best uk baby monitors around. Sometimes we see people recommending the bigger name brands, which are obviously more expensive. Parents have the notion that the more expensive the monitor the better it is. Well in this market that’s not the case, and we feel like some of the bigger manufacturers are actually ripping parents off, that’s why most of our recommendations are at the lower end of the price range.

The Features

Price is probably the main thing we recommend you to concentrate on when looking for a child monitor, as ultimately you want the best choice for your money. Check out our recommended resource above with reviews of some of the current models, and their pricing above.

You obviously need to consider if you want it to be audio or video, with video capabilities coming at a higher price. Again this just comes down to what level of security you feel comfortable with as a parent.

Battery life is also very important as having the monitor cut out half way through the night makes the purchase completely void.

Signal range should also be considered as it must have an adequate and strong enough signal for your house.

The quality of the sound or video is one of the make or break factors as well. You want your choice to obviously be of quality so that you can hear or watch your child with no quality issues.

These are our recommendations when shopping around for a baby monitor on the uk market. Just remember that it’s all about value for money and requirements as a parent, so don’t go overspending on something that isn’t going to help you or your child. Having a child is expensive enough as it is, so cut out all the gimmick features that come from some manufacturers. With that being said, don’t go underspending on a monitor that doesn’t even do the bare essentials properly, after all, it’s your child’s safety we’re talking about here!