Artist Commission #04




1 April – 31 July 2014

ePERMANENT presents WYSIWYG, a new online work by artist Yuri Pattison.
For WSIWYG Yuri Pattison has scraped Wikipedia for vector graphic digitisation (.svg) files of historic and noteworthy signatures, displaying them in a continually changing sequence of 2300+.
Originally inspired by Barack Obama signing a bill into law remotely using a device called the autopen ( ) the piece explores the shifting cultural importance and perceptions of the personal physical mark and in turn the changing role of the presence of the body and labour in digital / networked society.

Yuri Pattison is based in Berlin & London. Previous solo exhibitions include RELiable COMmunications, First Look: New Art Online, New Museum, New York  / Legion TV London 2013-2014, e ink pearl memory, Arcadia_Missa, London, Faraday Cage, [SPACE], London, UK, The Making of , (all 2012). Recent group shows include Objectness, Outpost, Norwich, UK December 2013, Quantum Leap. An Event Across Time/z by Fay Nicolson, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh & Malmö Konsthall, Sweden, September 2013, Guide to the Galaxy, Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan, Italy, March – June 2013, Open File III: Hash Fail, Grand Union, Birmingham, December 2012.

In Remote Conversation

Q&A with Yuri Pattison

We asked Yuri Pattison some questions about WYSIWYG his commissioned online work for ePERMANENT. These are his responses in which he discusses the way in which the internet shapes our experience of historic events and how access to excessive amounts… Read more →