Artist Commission #03

Oracle Bones – Ruth Höflich

2 September 2013 – 28 February 2014 >EXTENDED TO 23 MARCH 2014

e-PERMANENT presents Oracle bones, a new work by artist Ruth Höflich with an accompanying text by Margrethe Troensegaard. Oracle bones is a four-part video and text-based work created for online space, taking as its structure an archetypal alphabet composed of the four natural elements. Inspired by oral cultures and non-written forms of storytelling the work aims to explore the relationship of language to thought and territory. With this work Ruth Höflich will continue her ongoing interest in perception and how signs and patterns affect the parameters of what is seen and experienced.

Oracle bones comprises four videos which will be released over the course of the exhibition.

Ruth Höflich is an artist and publisher currently based in London and Munich.

Margrethe Troensegaard is a curator graduating from the MA Curating Contemporary Art at Royal College of Art this year. She was recently curatorial assistant at Dia Art Foundation, New York City, 2012 and Curator, Raaderum – mobile office for contemporary art, Copenhagen, 2010–12.


In Remote Conversation

Interview with Ruth Höflich

‘Maybe it was a reaction to the heavy use of gleaned, or stock-like imagery in general, and the over abundance of visual information that I often feel disconnected from, that I was drawn to being close to both source and… Read more →