e-Permanent: 4 online artist commissions

e-Permanent commissioned artists to create online works. We would like to say thank you to the four artists that we worked with: Constant Dullaart, Silvio Lorusso, Ruth Höflich and Yuri Pattison. Constant Dullaart’s ‘Anamorvista’  and Silvio Lorusso’s ‘Data Centers Grand Tour (This Data Belongs Here)’ existed for the duration of their online exhibition period only, so are no longer viewable but details of the projects can be found here:  http://www.e-permanent.org/issue/01/ (Constant Dullaart) and here: http://www.e-permanent.org/issue/02/ (Silvio Lorusso). Ruth Höflich and Yuri Pattison’s commissions are still available to view:

Oracle Bones by Ruth Höflich http://oracle-bones.e-permanent.org/

WYSIWYG by Yuri Pattison http://2309digitalsignatures.e-permanent.org/

Thank you to all our supporters, to those that visited and those that clicked : )